UPDATE ON VACANT HOME TAX (posted March 20, 2019): The speculation and vacancy tax is an annual tax paid by some owners of residential properties in designated taxable regions of B.C. Click here for the details.

Residential Lease Application

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Please note: The Landlord, or Landlord Agent(s), are not responsible for a Tenants personal belongings. 


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For the purpose of determining whether this Application for Tenancy is acceptable, the Applicant(s) consent(s) to the Landlord, or the Landlord’s authorized agent, obtaining credit, personal, and employment information on the Applicant(s) from one, or more consumer reporting agencies and from other sources of such information. The Applicant(s) authorizes the reporting agencies and any other person to disclose relevant information about the Applicant(s) to the Landlord or the Landlord’s authorized agent.


Any Tenant who vacates a rental property with unpaid rental fees owing, and/or damage to the rental property are reported to the Tenant Verification Services Inc. (TVS). TVS records this information in its database and becomes known as a bad debt. Landlords wish to reduce their risk of loss of income and therefore will deny an application for tenancy based on the bad debt that has been reported by TVS.
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