Full Service Management | UnFurnished Homes

  • Maximized rental incomes
  • 24/7 emergency on call
  • Free Value Assessment
  • Free Advertising on vancovuerrentalproperties.com
  • Flexible viewing times
  • Legal document conveying
  • Adhere and administer Residential Tenancy Act
  • Tenant screening and selection (detailed application, credit check, employment and references)
  • Net income directly deposited to the owner’s preferred bank account
  • Prepare and deliver Monthly and Annual income Statements
  • NR6 & NR4 filing to CRA
  • Timely resolution of repair requests, complaints and emergencies related by both tenants and owners
  • Management of rental increases, lease renewals, inspections and strata issues
  • Comprehensive conditional inspection report(s) with accompanying images, if requested

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